2018 Kia Soul EV SUV Power Train Issues

Several consumers have lodged complaints about persistent power train issues affecting the 2018 Kia Soul EV SUV. Problems range from hesitating or shuddering transmissions to unresponsive accelerators, to vehicles that suddenly lose power for no reason. As of January 2020, Kia has not issued a single recall for this model, leaving customers with few answers or solutions as to how to fix these problems.

According to one driver, the check engine light will turn on and off at random times. Even after taking the vehicle in for service, no issues were discovered. Then, the car suddenly lost power while driving down the street and refused to move. Another owner shared an experience of their 2018 Kia Soul EV SUV jerking violently when the driver accelerated, which then resulted in a complete loss of power. Other drivers have complained that their vehicles will stall or shut off in the midst of a turn, and one of these drivers also described several instances of an unresponsive accelerator that only worked properly once the vehicle was completely restarted. Numerous complaints of accelerator pedals that failed to respond have also emerged, although no formal diagnosis has been announced.

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