2018 Dodge Journey SUV Engine Defects

Those who own or lease a 2018 Dodge Journey SUV may want to be aware that several consumers are experiencing an array of engine issues. Problems with engines that seem to struggle or lose power without warning, faulty speed sensors, unresponsive or malfunctioning power steering, and other issues have been reported by drivers of the 2018 Dodge Journey SUV nationwide.

According to one owner who was driving this vehicle on the highway, the car suddenly seemed to be struggling for power. The driver took the nearest exit, and at the stoplight, the car began to shake and putter. As the driver steered the car towards the dealership, the car continued to lurch and delay, as if it didn’t have the energy to move forward. Another driver described having to pull over on the highway because the car lost acceleration power and the power steering failed. After shutting off the vehicle and restarting it, the car behaved normally, until it failed again soon after while at a stoplight. Many other accounts by drivers who have experienced similar failures and malfunctions have been reported, and many of these consumers are still awaiting an official diagnosis or response from the manufacturer.

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