2018-2019 Tesla Model 3 4 DR Speed Control Malfunctions

Recently, an array of consumer complaints has been made regarding acceleration and braking issues in the 2018 and 2019 Tesla Model 3 4 DR. People who own or lease this type of vehicle have experienced random and sudden vehicle speed control problems, from wild acceleration to erratic braking. Some of these events have resulted in minor crashes and damage to the vehicle and other property. Since Tesla has only issued one recall for this vehicle that pertains to the air bags, consumers are still waiting for clear and effective solutions to their acceleration and braking malfunctions.

One driver detailed an incident where he was trying to park his vehicle when the car suddenly accelerated and drove into another parked vehicle and a sign pole before crashing into a boulder. Another owner claims that their Tesla Model 3 repeatedly and randomly brakes when the autopilot or cruise control mode is engaged, and Tesla has failed to provide a clear solution to this problem. In a similar incident, a driver was trying to park the vehicle when it accelerated violently and crashed into a wooden fence and continued until it hit a neighbor’s wall. A number of complaints that describe other incidents of sudden acceleration or random braking continue to emerge, even though Tesla has not yet acknowledged nor addressed these issues in any way.

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