2018-2019 Ford Fiesta Persistent Powertrain Issues

Within the last several months, multiple complaints about recurring powertrain issues have arisen from those who own or lease a 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta. Several drivers have reported transmission problems, including considerable trouble shifting gears and complete power failure while the car is in motion. To date, the manufacturer has announced one auto safety recall campaign, but it does not address powertrain or engine issues. Those struggling with ongoing transmission and engine issues in this make and model remain without the explanations they need and the permanent solutions they crave.

The owner of a 2019 Ford Fiesta described a concerning experience in which they were at a complete stop at a traffic light. All of a sudden, their car lunged forward and crashed into the back of another vehicle, even though the driver never took their foot off the brake pedal. The dealership was unable to identify the underlying issue, even after a comprehensive inspection of all the vehicle’s systems. Many other customers have shared their experiences with persistent transmission and powertrain problems, the majority of which have not been diagnosed or repaired.

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