2018-2019 Dodge Durango Braking Problems

In recent months, several people who own or lease a 2018 or 2019 Dodge Durango have reported a number of persistent braking issues that are cause for concern. For many consumers, multiple visits to the dealership and mechanic have failed to uncover the source of these problems, leaving them apprehensive about the safety of their vehicles.

Several individuals have complained about brakes that emit loud grinding or squeaking noises. Although the rotors have been cleaned and serviced, the noises persist. One customer was told that they needed the brake pads replaced on their 2018 Dodge Durango only after a few months of owning the vehicle, as the pads were in such shockingly poor shape. Other consumers have shared stories of brakes that fail to respond properly when engaged, creating additional safety concerns that still have no concrete explanation or solution.

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