2018-2019 Buick Enclave SUV Recurring Braking System Issues

If you own or lease a 2018-2019 Buick Enclave SUV, you should be aware of numerous safety concerns that other drivers have raised pertaining to recurring braking system malfunctions. Drivers have complained about brakes that fail to engage when the pedal is depressed, among other braking system issues. To date, the manufacturer has not issued a single safety recall impacting this make and model, leaving Buick customers without the fixes they seek.

The driver of a 2019 Buick Enclave SUV stated that they attempted to brake the vehicle in preparation for a left turn, but the brakes did not respond. The pedal fell to the floor and the vehicle kept moving forward. Other drivers have voiced similar issues with the braking system, ranging from emergency brakes that do not engage even when the vehicle is turned off to braking systems that grind or pulse when depressed. WIthout clear answers or solutions, many Buick customers continue to wait for the manufacturer to acknowledge their concerns.

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