2018-2019 Acura MDX SUV Brake System Issues

In recent months, numerous customer complaints regarding braking issues in the 2018-2019 Acura MDX SUV have emerged. Consumers are expressing their safety concerns over persistent braking issues, ranging from brakes that seize up to automatic braking systems that misfire and increase the risk of crash. Unfortunately, many Acura customers have yet to understand what is causing these issues, leaving them feeling anxious over their vehicles’ safety.

Overactive automatic braking systems appear to be a common complaint among Acura customers. One owner of a 2019 Acura MDX SUV stated that their anti-collision system persistently slams on the breaks without warning or cause, putting the driver, passengers, and others on the road at greater risk of injury. Other drivers have expressed concern over braking pedals that suddenly become too stiff to engage or that fail to respond properly to the driver. For now, many customers continue to wait for lasting solutions to these concerning braking problems.

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