2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Leaking Engine Issues

For individuals who own or lease a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI, it’s important to be on the lookout for any engine issues, especially those involving leaking coolant. Several consumer complaints have been made of engines rapidly losing coolant, mainly due to failures with the thermostat housing and associated seals. Even though multiple reports have surfaced regarding this issue, the manufacturer has yet to issue a recall addressing this particular failure.

One owner reported that the engine began to rapidly lose coolant around 50,000 miles. After the coolant was refilled, a new low coolant alert appeared shortly thereafter. The owner stated that there appeared to be white crusty residue near the engine oil pan, signifying that the leaking coolant is originating from the thermostat housing. Several other complaints of this very same issue have been lodged, but no formal response or fix has been made by the manufacturer. According to another driver who has experienced this problem, it can be difficult for VW service centers to verify that there is an actual leak. This leads to frustrated customers who must repeatedly visit the dealership in search of a solution, which has yet to be found.

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