2017 Toyota Tacoma Engine Defects

In recent months, multiple people have reported engine issues with the 1027 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Concerns about engines that sputter, decelerate without warning, or shut off completely while in motion continue to arise. To date, the manufacturer has issued four separate safety recalls. Although one recall campaign concerns a crank position sensor malfunction that may increase the risk of engine stall, many customers continue to struggle with repeated engine problems unrelated to this issue.

One driver of a 2017 Toyota Tacoma reported that their pickup truck suddenly slowed down while the driver’s foot was on the accelerator and nowhere near the brake pedal. This marked the third time this issue occurred, yet the dealer has not been able to locate the source of the problem. Other drivers have brought similar issues to the attention of the manufacturer, calling for answers and lasting solutions to these persistent problems. For now, they continue to wait for any acknowledgement or response from Toyota.

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