2017 Toyota Corolla Braking System Defects

It’s important that those who own or lease a 2017 Toyota Corolla recognize the recent influx of customers reporting a wide range of braking system failures in this make and model. Some drivers have reported brakes that fail to engage when the pedal is depressed, causing an alarming delay between when the driver presses on the brake and when the vehicle actually responds. Other drivers have stated that the brakes seem especially unresponsive or glitchy when it’s raining or the road is wet. So far, the automaker has issued three separate safety recall campaigns impacting this make and model. Unfortunately, none of these campaigns addresses braking system failures, leaving customers without a clear path forward to feel safe on the road once more.

The driver of a 2017 Toyota Corolla stated that their brakes have failed to respond on at least four distinct occasions. When the driver took their vehicle to the dealership, no one was able to identify an issue or provide a diagnosis. The owner has since experienced these same issues three other times, and they are worried about the overall safety of this make and model. Several other people who own or lease a 2017 Toyota Corolla have voiced similar concerns while they wait for the manufacturer to provide the answers they need.

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