2017 Tesla Model S 75 Persistent Braking System Malfunction

Those who currently lease or own a 2017 Tesla Model S 75 should know that hundreds of complaints from concerned Tesla drivers have arisen in recent years. The majority of these complaints concern electrical system failures and braking system defects that jeopardize the overall safety of these vehicles. So far, Tesla has launched eight distinct auto safety recall campaigns, most of which pertain to electrical system and automation-related issues. While Tesla has provided several remedies to these issues—mostly through software updates that are given at no cost to the owners—many Tesla customers continue to struggle with recurring braking system issues that undermine their confidence in the overall safety of this make and model.

According to one driver of a 2017 Tesla Model S 75, they were approaching a stop light and started to depress the brake pedal. However, pressing down on the brake pedal did not slow down the vehicle; instead, the Tesla accelerated and surged into the car in front of them. Fortunately, no one suffered an injury in this collision. After taking the vehicle to the dealership for a comprehensive investigation, the technicians were unable to identify any problems or provide a diagnosis. This Tesla owner’s story is just one of many. For now, customers who have experienced braking system failures are still waiting for the clear answers and permanent remedies they need and deserve.

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