2017 Subaru Legacy Steering System and Suspension Issues

Those who own or lease a 2017 Subaru Legacy should be aware of a slew of customer complaints concerning steering system problems in vehicles of this make and model. Subaru customers affected by these issues have reported experiencing extreme difficulty controlling their vehicles, especially along windy roads. Others have reported loud, concerning, and inexplicable noises coming from the driver’s side whenever the driver attempts to steer the vehicle or make a turn. To date, the manufacturer has issued two distinct auto safety recall campaigns, one of which involves a steering column defect. Although many customers have obtained the recommended recall repair, others are still waiting for this fix. Moreover, a few customers have stated that their vehicles continue to experience steering system issues even after the recall repair has been completed.

The owner of a 2017 Subaru Legacy stated that they have had to have their steering rack replaced on seven separate occasions. The driver is frustrated with the lack of a permanent solution to the loud rattling sound that seems to grow more prominent within a few weeks of the steering rack replacement. Other Subaru customers have described that their vehicles become difficult to control and steer, especially when driving on slightly uneven or windy roads. Some customers have reported that they have had to wrench the steering wheel extremely aggressively to avoid colliding with other vehicles. For now, these customers are left waiting for lasting fixes to these concerning safety issues.

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