2017 Ram 2500 Steering Recall Failure

Those who own or lease a 2017 Ram 2500 should be on the lookout for major steering issues affecting their vehicles. Complaints began to emerge from consumers as early as March 6, 2017 regarding severe wobbling and pulling problems with their steering systems. One driver stated that their truck would suddenly begin to pull heavily to the right while driving along at various speeds, and another complained that their entire truck started shaking and wobbling at random times while in motion. When these consumers took their vehicles in for repairs, no clear diagnosis was made and the issues persisted.

After enough complaints surfaced, Chrysler issued a recall in January 2019. It admitted that the outboard steering linkage jam nut could loosen, causing one end of the drag link to separate and potentially result in a loss of steering control. However, even though Chrysler encouraged drivers to take their cars to their nearby dealership for a remedy, consumers quickly became outraged at the proposed fix. The manufacturer’s solution was to weld the lock nuts to the adjuster sleeve, but consumers found that this was an insufficient—and impractical—solution. Many people worry that this so-called fix will eliminate the ability to adjust alignment in the future, and may end up damaging the structural integrity of the vehicle itself.

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