2017 BMW X5 PHEV SUV Engine Defects

A number of engine-related complaints have arisen in recent months from those who own or lease the 2017 BMW X5 PHEV SUV. From engines that shut off without warning to engines that seize, shudder, and rattle, BMW customers are voicing their safety concerns about these persistent engine issues. While the manufacturer has issued four recalls affecting this make and model, several customers maintain that engine issues persist after receiving the recommended repairs.

One individual driving their 2017 BMW X5 PHEV SUV reported that the engine shut off without any warning in the middle of a country road. This harrowing experience prompted a visit to the dealership, but no diagnosis was given. Since then, the issue has occurred on at least two more occasions, leading the driver to express concern about the vehicle’s overall safety. Another driver described how their vehicle’s engine seized up and caused the car to shut off while traveling at highway speed; fortunately, the driver was able to steer the vehicle to safety and avoid an accident. Many BMW customers continue to voice their concerns over these persistent engine issues.

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