2017 BMW X3 Engine Defects

A variety of engine issues are being reported by owners of the 2017 BMW X3. From sudden, inexplicable accelerating engines to engines that seize up or overheat, drivers are demanding answers from the dealerships and manufacturers they believe owe them an explanation (and a refund).

According to one report, the engine started revving unexpectedly, immediately skyrocketing to over 7,000 RPM while in Drive. The driver quickly shifted into neutral and applied the brake, which gradually returned the engine to a normal idle. Another driver claims that the engine seized up while traveling at a highway speed of 65 mph. Fortunately, the driver was able to turn the vehicle onto the shoulder and safely coast to a stop, avoiding disaster. Alarmingly, another owner of the 2017 BMW X3 shared an incident where a neighbor knocked on the door and informed the owner that the vehicle was on fire outside on the street, with flames originating from under the hood. Although the owner reports that an investigation is currently underway, it appears that the combustion had something to do with the engine.

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