2017-2019 Lexus GX460 SUV Steering and Suspension Issues

In recent years, numerous Lexus customers have filed complaints regarding steering and suspension issues in their 2017-2019 Lexus GX460 SUVs. From an imbalanced suspension to steering column issues, customers are making their voices heard and requesting clear answers to these persistent problems. While the manufacturer has issued two recalls on these vehicles so far, neither addresses steering and suspension problems.

According to the driver of a 2019 Lexus GX460 SUV, their vehicle’s suspension emits a loud hissing noise when in motion. Another Lexus customer reported a similar issue, stating that the the rear of their vehicle makes a hissing sound after driving. Other complaints about vehicles that lean heavily to the right or left side and steering columns that pulled dramatically in one direction have also been reported. So far, most of these issues have been brushed off or dismissed by the dealership and manufacturer, leaving many customers without answers or solutions.

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