2016 Toyota Camry Engine Defects

For people who own or lease a 2016 Toyota Camry should understand that several reports of engine issues have been lodged by Toyota customers expressing concern over their vehicle’s road safety. Reports of engines experiencing excessive leaks, accelerating without warning, or shutting off suddenly while in motion have arisen, with many customers explaining that they have yet to receive clear explanations for what is causing these persistent failures.

One driver of a 2016 Toyota Camry reported that their vehicle has abruptly lost power and had the engine shut off while in motion. This harrowing event has happened on four separate occasions, but the dealership has been unable to diagnose the source of the problem. Other drivers have experienced substantial fluid leaks from the engine, but no recommendations have been provided for the drivers to prevent these problems from happening again. While the manufacturer has issued three auto safety recalls affecting this make and model so far, numerous Toyota customers continue to experience these concerning safety problems with no remedy in sight.

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