2016 Honda Fit 5 HB Recurring Engine and Power Issues

Within the last couple of years, several reports of recurring engine issues have been lodged by those who own or lease a 2016 Honda Fit 4 HB. Many drivers have struggled with failing fuel injectors that render vehicles in limp mode and unable to rely on these cars to transport them safely between locations. Visits to the dealership have largely proven unsuccessful, as many customers report that these engine issues return within a few weeks or months. So far, the manufacturer has only issued one auto safety recall campaign affecting this make and model. However, it pertains to faulty airbags, leaving customers struggling with engine and power issues without the answers and lasting fixes they seek,

One Honda customer who owns a 2016 Honda Fit 5 HB stated that their vehicle’s fuel injectors have failed on more than one occasion, stranding them with their children. Another customer who owns the same make and model reported that their car’s fuel injectors prematurely failed, leaving them in “limp mode” with four lights flashing while they attempted to move their vehicle from the interstate to the side of the road as safely as possible. Many other Honda customers have lodged similar complaints, calling on the manufacturer to respond to their concerns with practical and effective solutions.

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