2016-2017 Tesla Model S 60 Power and Braking System Problems

In recent months, a number of concerned drivers have reported serious and recurring electrical system issues in the 2023 Tesla Model X. Those who own or lease this make and model have expressed concerns about their vehicle’s overall safety, especially when it comes to electrical systems that perform erratically and software updates that fail to upgrade correctly. So far, the manufacturer has issued five distinct auto safety recall campaigns impacting the 2023 Tesla Model X. Unfortunately, many customers say that they continue to experience these persistent electrical system issues even after they have taken their vehicles to the dealer to obtain the recommended recall repair.

According to the driver of a 2023 Tesla Model X, their vehicle displayed that a software update had been completed. However, the software update itself claimed that the software was outdated, and the screen displayed distorted images of roadways and neighboring vehicles. The driver reported that they could not rely on these images to back up or drive safely. So far, the driver has been unsuccessful in securing a lasting solution to this safety concern. Other drivers have shared their concerns about erratic electrical system performance, with some even stating that they are questioning the vehicle’s overall safety because of these recuring problems. Until the manufacturer provides clear answers and effective solutions, many Tesla customers remain in the dark about what steps they can take to resolve these issues.

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