2016-2017 Kia Soul SUV Braking System Failures

If you own or lease a 2016-2017 Kia Soul SUV, you should be aware of numerous complaints from fellow customers regarding recurring braking system malfunctions. Many of these reports concern brakes that fail to engage when depressed and defects that cause premature wear and tear of the braking system. The manufacturer has launched three safety recalls to date, but many Kia customers continue to experience inexplicable braking system problems with no clear solutions in sight.

The owner of a 2016 Kia Soul SUV recounted a harrowing experience of attempting to apply the brakes, which failed to respond and caused the vehicle to collide with the car in front of it. Even after taking the SUV to the dealership for inspection, no underlying issue or cause was identified. Other customers have reported similar experiences of unresponsive brakes and strange grinding noises occuring when the driver engages the brakes.

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