2016-2017 Honda Odyssey Van Concerning Powertrain Malfunctions

In recent months, multiple reports of recurring powertrain issues have arisen from those who own or lease a 2016-2017 Honda Odyssey Van. Drivers have raised concerns about transmissions that struggle to shift between gears, an issue that has led to several collisions because the vehicles have stalled out and obstructed traffic flow. The manufacturer has issued five separate auto safety recall campaigns impacting this make and model, but not one of these recalls involves transmission or engine issues. Unfortunately, many Honda customers are left in search of permanent solutions to these persistent transmission and powertrain defects.

The owner of a 2016 Honda Odyssey Van reported experiencing several instances of transmission failure. The driver stated that their vehicle’s transmission shifts hard in first and second gear, which has led to a rear end collision on one occasion because the vehicle fails to move forward properly from a stoplight or stop sign. Even after three separate trips to the dealership, the owner has continued to experience these powertrain issues. Similar reports of struggling transmissions and lagging engine power have emerged from other concerned Honda customers. For now, they are left in the dark until the automaker formally acknowledges these concerns.

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