2016-2017 Ford Fusion Engine Malfunctions

2016 and 2017 Ford Fusion models have generated a significant number of consumer concerns, particularly regarding engine safety. From engines that overheat or shut off completely to engines suffering from massive coolant leakages, these complaints continue to emerge from Ford customers across the country. Although the manufacturer has issued eight safety recalls pertaining to these vehicles so far, many consumers have not been able to receive clear answers or solutions to these persistent and worrisome engine problems.

One owner of a 2016 Ford Fusion said that he took his engine in repeatedly over persistent check engine light warnings. The third time, he learned that the coolant had leaked into the engine block, requiring an entirely new engine. Another driver stated that the car began to overheat while traveling on the freeway, falling quickly from 70 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. The driver had to steer quickly to move the vehicle off the highway and avoid a collision. Multiple reports over similar engine failures continue to crop up, leaving Ford customers frustrated and concerned over the safety of these vehicles.

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