2016-2017 Acura ILX Braking System Failures

In recent months, many people who own or lease a 2016-2017 Acura ILX have lodged formal complaints of persistent and inexplicable braking system issues in these vehicles. Although the manufacturer has issued four separate auto safety recall campaigns affecting these makes and models, it has yet to announce a recall that concerns problems with the braking system. Many concerned drivers have shared harrowing accounts of their vehicles accelerating when they press the brake pedals, leading to an accident in some cases. For now, customers are asking the manufacturer to address these braking system defects and provide them with the lasting solutions they need.

One owner of a 2016 Acura ILX stated that their vehicle has accelerated on its own as they moved their car into a parking space. As the driver’s foot touched the brake pedal to slow down, the vehicle surged ahead and collided with another parked vehicle. Other drivers have lodged similar complaints, reporting that their vehicles accelerate wildly when they press on the brake pedal instead of slowing down as they should. Unfortunately, several visits to the dealerships have not identified any clear underlying defects, preventing drivers from obtaining permanent fixes to these issues.

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