Tesla Recalls Over 475K Electric Vehicles Over Trunk and Camera Safety Issues

During the last days of 2021, Tesla announced a safety recall affecting more than 475,000 electric vehicles. Safety concerns over rearview camera and trunk issues have prompted the manufacturer to issue the recall, and Tesla plans to notify affected consumers within the upcoming months. Here is everything Tesla customers need to know about this latest safety recall.

Understanding the Safety Issues

Some Tesla vehicles may possess a rearview camera that is prone to damage through the opening and closing of the trunk lid. As a result, the rearview camera images may not display properly, putting vehicle occupants and fellow drivers at increased risk of a crash. So far, Tesla has identified 2,301 warranty claims and 601 field reports pertaining to this safety issue. In other Tesla models, defective latches in the trunk can cause the front trunk to open without warning and obstruct the driver’s visibility, putting the vehicle’s occupants and others at risk of injury or crash.

Affected Tesla Models

Tesla model years affected by these recalls range from 2014 to 2021. The manufacturer is recalling 356,309 2017-2020 Model 3 vehicles and 119,009 Model S vehicles. The Model 3 vehicle recall addresses rearview camera issues, while the Model S recall pertains to trunk latch defects. So far, Tesla maintains that it is not aware of any crashes, injuries, or fatalities related to these issues.

Next Steps For Tesla Customers

Customers impacted by these safety recalls can expect to receive formal notification in the coming months. Once they receive notification, they can schedule an appointment with their local dealership to obtain the recommended repairs at no cost. In the meantime, Tesla customers should exercise caution when driving their electric vehicles and understand that rearview camera or trunk issues may arise.


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