Subaru Recalls Multiple Vehicles For Malfunctioning Fuel Pump

Subaru has issued a safety recall that affects approximately 200,000 vehicles across the United States and Canada. The announcement was made on April 17, 2020, as the company detailed a possible fuel pump failure in four of its models: 2019 Ascent, 2019 Impreza, 2019 Legacy, and 2019 Outback. For now, consumers affected by this recall have been assured that retailers will notify them when the new parts are available. 

A Dangerous Fuel Pump Defect

According to Subaru’s written announcement, the affected vehicles may possess a low-pressure fuel pump that was manufactured during a specific period of time when an impeller with a lower density was used. As a result, this defective impeller could experience small cracks over time, leading to excessive fuel absorption and ultimately deforming the impeller. This deformity could then lead the impeller to stop working, and the engine could begin to stall and put the driver and others at risk of a crash.

Finding a Solution

In order to address this problem, Subaru plans to notify owners of the affected vehicles to contact their local dealership for a new fuel pump. The new parts are expected to become available in early June, but the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may delay the timeline a bit. Once owners have received notification that the new fuel pump is available, they can take their vehicle in for service. 

Increased Safety Precautions

In order to ease the process of bringing your vehicle in for the necessary recall repairs, dealerships throughout the country are stepping up their efforts to make the process safe for workers and customers alike. When you schedule your repair at your dealership, you’ll likely hear about the steps they are taking to keep consumers safe. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to someone at the dealership to discuss your options.


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