Subaru Recalls 875,000 Vehicles Over Engine and Suspension Defects

On April 15, 2021, Subaru announced two significant recalls affecting nearly 875,000 vehicles across the country. One recall pertains to faulty ignition coils that could increase the risk of starting or stalling issues over time. The other recall involves re-torquing bolts on the rear stabilizer bracket, as these loose bolts can detach and negatively impact the vehicle’s suspension. Here’s what Subaru customers should know about these current recall campaigns.

The Subaru Ignition Coils Recall

The engine stalling recall impacts approximately 466,000 Subaru Crosstrek SUVs and Impreza vehicles. Subaru issued a statement explaining that this recall is “to check and/or update the engine control module (ECM) programming and to replace all ignition coils which could, over time, degrade and cause starting or stalling issues.” The company will reach out to those who own or lease a 2017-2019 Subaru Impreza or a 2018-2019 Crosstrek SUV and advise them on obtaining the replacement parts.

Subaru’s Suspension Recall

The suspension recall may impact more than 408,000 2019 Crosstrek SUVs and 2019 Forester vehicles. These vehicles may have loose bolts along the rear stabilizer bracket, which may become loose, detach, and lead to an increased risk of a crash. So far, Subaru has not received reports of any accidents or injuries pertaining to this issue. Subaru urges customers impacted by this recall to visit their local dealership to have the bolts assessed and re-torqued as needed.

Next Steps for Subaru Customers

Subaru stated that affected customers would receive notification within 60 days of the recall announcement. The notices will instruct consumers to make an appointment with their local dealership to obtain the necessary repairs free of charge. Until then, drivers should be on the lookout for any suspension issues or engine problems, taking their vehicles in for inspection immediately if any problems arise.


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