Nissan Recalls Over 680K SUVs Over Fire Risk

At the end of January 2022, Nissan announced that it was recalling nearly 689,000 SUVs over numerous electrical issues and increased risk of fire. Multiple electrical system failures, ranging from defective power windows and seats to batteries that drain prematurely, have been discovered in Nissan Rogue SUVs. While the details on the issues continue to emerge, here is what Nissan customers need to know about this latest safety recall.

Understanding the Underlying Electrical Issues

The latest reports indicate that an insufficiently-insulated electrical connector, typically located in the footwell of the driver’s side, is prone to corrosion. If salt or water builds up in this area, the connector’s adhesive tape may absorb them and lead to corrosion and damage to the electrical system. Drivers and passengers may experience a power window or power seat failure, dashboard lights that illuminate for no reason (or that fail to illuminate when necessary), or even burning odors or smoke emanating from the dashboard.

What Nissan Models Are Impacted by the Recall?

So far, Nissan has recalled all Nissan Rogue SUVs manufactured between July 25, 2013, and December 31, 2016. In all, 688,946 vehicles are affected. As of the recall announcement, Nissan maintained that it is aware of four incidents in Canada and two incidents in the U.S. related to this recall. Fortunately, no crashes or injuries have yet been associated with this recall.

What to Look For in the Upcoming Months

Nissan has stated that it is still developing a solution for this electrical issue. The manufacturer intends to notify owners of this issue in early March, and Nissan plans to contact affected consumers again as soon as the fix is ready and available. Once Nissan customers receive this notification, they can begin scheduling appointments at their local dealership to obtain the necessary safety repairs. For now, Nissan customers should be on the lookout for potential electrical system issues and try to prevent water and salt from building up in the driver’s footwell.


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