Ford Recalls 2020 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator for Automatic Braking Failures

In mid-May of 2020, Ford issued a recall for two of its SUVs that may have a malfunctioning or defective Pre-Collision Assist systems. Certain 2020 Ford Expeditions and 2020 Lincoln Navigators may possess faulty automatic braking features that fail to alert the driver when the system is not functioning properly. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this particular recall and what you can do if you are impacted by this defective safety system.

Understanding the Issue

When functioning properly, the Pre-Collision Assist system includes a forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB). These features should work together to detect and alert the driver of a possible hazard so that a collision can be avoided. In the models affected by the recall, the Pre-Collision Assist system may be inoperative or fail to detect the threat of a collision. As a result, the driver may not have enough time to respond effectively and avert a crash. 

Who is Impacted by the Recall

So far, the recall only affects some 2020 Expeditions and 2020 Lincoln Navigators. Only those vehicles with the standard camera-only Pre-Collision Assist feature are impacted by the recall, as models with the camera and radar Pre-Collision Assist system are not known to have any issues. In total, 25,081 vehicles seem to be affected by the recall. Fortunately, no injuries or accidents have yet to be associated with this issue, but Ford urges affected consumers to take their vehicles to the dealership to receive the necessary fixes.

Obtaining the Necessary Repairs

According to Ford, the dealerships intend to reprogram several aspects of the impacted vehicle, including the body control module, anti-lock braking system, instrument panel cluster, and the headlamp control modules. Additionally, they will reset the tire pressure monitor to ensure the entirety of the Pre-Collision Assist system is functioning properly. If you believe your vehicle is impacted by this recall, contact your dealership to discuss your options for obtaining the necessary repairs.


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