Defective New Cars & Trucks in California

Defective New Cars and Trucks

Buying a new car or truck is exhilarating. That new car smell, the knowledge of being the first-ever owner, and the excitement of cruising down the road in your new vehicle are unrivaled. Having to fix a major defect shortly after you drive off the lot isn’t something you deserve, but it does happen occasionally. These defective new trucks and cars are called “lemons.” Fortunately, consumers across America have legal protections under what’s known as lemon laws. In California, buyers are entitled to a replacement or refund of the defective vehicle under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.

New Car Problems Covered by California Lemon Laws

Any defect in a 2016-2023 new car or truck may qualify for coverage if it results in a substantial impairment of the vehicle’s safety, use or value. If the issue is major enough and cannot be fixed even after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the buyer will most likely be eligible for a replacement or refund provided by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, at least four repair attempts are considered “reasonable” under the law, unless the defect is a safety risk, in which case only two repair attempts are required before replacement or buyback is needed.

Some Defects We’ve Seen in New Cars and Trucks Include:

  • Engine stalling or failing to start
  • Engine fails to maintain power and/or car does not maintain strong pull
  • Little to no response when gas pedal is pressed
  • Diminished acceleration or sudden acceleration/deceleration
  • Car or truck shuts off while driving
  • Car or truck loses torque and/or experiences other steering problems
  • Sudden forward jerking movements
  • Transmission grinding and/or faulty transmission
  • Electrical problems, including malfunctioning door locks, headlights or windshield wipers
  • Black smoke emitted from exhaust
  • Inoperable air conditioning system
  • Brake defects
  • Excessive tire wear
  • Excessive noise and vibration
  • Recurring fluid leaks
  • Continually dying batteries
  • Bubbling paint
  • Convertible top that does not close properly

This is just a short list of things that can go wrong with a new car or truck. When this happens, you have every right to request a replacement or refund from the manufacturer. Attorneys Anthony J. Sperber and Arthur J. Obolsky have successfully helped hundreds of clients all throughout California resolve their lemon-buying woes. If you bought a new car or truck in California and are experiencing one or more of the problems listed above, give us a call. We’ll discuss your situation in a free case evaluation and help you decide the best course of action.

The California Lemon Law Claim Process

When a buyer has purchased a lemon and the manufacturer refuses to replace the vehicle or refund the sale, litigation may be necessary. Your attorney will help you negotiate with the manufacturer and work to make it take responsibility for the defective new car or truck. Sometimes this process can be a struggle, with a single case lasting for months or even years. While cases don’t usually take that long, our dedicated attorneys will stand by clients no matter what to see the case through. We’ll help you gather documents, process paperwork and communicate with the manufacturer, both in or out of court, until the issue is resolved. When we’ve reached a favorable resolution, you won’t owe us anything – our fees and costs are paid by them.

The Manufacturer Pays Our Fees

Under California lemon laws, manufacturers are required to cover all costs associated with the case when we win, including our fees. Combined with our free case evaluations, there’s no risk when you consult the Lemon Law Partners, LLP for help with your defective new car or truck.

We had a terrible experience with our convertible car top. After something like 8 unsuccessful repair attempts in a year, this reputable German luxury auto dealer/mfg literally just blew us off. Unbelievable. All we wanted was our car fixed. After all that and out of principle, we decided to retain an attorney. After researching local attorneys with real lemon law experience/wins, we retained Anthony Sperber and Arthur Obolsky. No promises that it would be easy, or would be a slam dunk. It ended up being easy. Our case was solid, and our attorneys handled the case flawlessly. A bit of a wait after filing and then movement. Mercedes went back and forth with scant offers until they finally agreed to buy the car back, cover all qualifying ownership costs, attorney fee’s etc. Awesome. Arthur/Anthony got us everything we asked for and made it as stress free as possible. I found the way that they handled the case, our questions, provided helpful opinions/input, all helped to make it a “pleasurable” experience. I highly recommend these attorneys.

— Joshua (Avvo)

California’s Trusted Lemon Law Attorneys

Too often manufacturers are reluctant to claim responsibility for a lemon vehicle they sold. When this happens, you need a competent lemon law lawyer on your side. The skilled attorneys at Lemon Law Partners, LLP have successfully handled countless California lemon cases throughout the years. They know what to look for in evaluating your case. Lemon Law Partners, LLP offers free case evaluations and, thanks to the laws, we don’t get paid unless we prevail – the manufacturers are required to pay all attorneys’ fees associated with a successful claim. If you have a lemon, there’s no risk in calling Lemon Law Partners, LLP for help.

Dealing with problems shouldn’t be a worry after purchasing a new car or truck. If you have a lemon on your hands and are struggling with the dealership or manufacturer, call Lemon Law Partners, LLP at (510) 944-0336. Our attorneys specialize in lemon laws and serve Berkeley, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and all of California.

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