Auto Recall Repairs in the Time of COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, handling a recall repair was relatively simple. You received a notice in the mail, then took your car to the nearest dealership for the necessary repairs. However, in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, consumers across the country are wondering how the outbreak will impact the auto recall repairs process, and if it’s even safe to take the car to receive the repairs it needs. Let’s take a closer look at how the current outbreak—and the safety measures in place to curb the spread of the virus—may affect the recall repairs process.

Dealerships are Considered “Essential Businesses”

One main concern that consumers often have is that dealerships will be closed for the next few months, making it impossible for recall repairs to be made. However, dealerships and automotive repair facilities are still considered to be essential businesses, and many of them remain open throughout this global health crisis. So, if you receive a notification about a recall to your vehicle, call the dealership to ask about their hours of operation, as they may have been altered a bit during this time. 

Car Repairs are Important Right Now

While you may think that it’s not necessary to repair your vehicle right now, especially if you are working from home and spending little time on the road, it’s important to to realize that proper vehicle maintenance is essential. First, think about how important the repair is to your safety; if it’s a minor cosmetic issue, it can certainly wait. However, if it’s a serious matter, like a faulty airbag or other safety issue, it may be worth it to seek the necessary repair sooner rather than later. You may need to weigh the pros and cons of risking exposure to the virus to obtain the repairs versus waiting on the repair but exposing yourself and passengers to potential danger in the future. 

Mitigating Your Exposure to the Virus

If you decide to seek the recall repair, make sure you ask the dealership what steps it is taking to protect its employees and its customers from exposure to the virus. Most dealerships have been vocal about practicing social distancing, limiting the number of customers at the dealership, and making concerted efforts to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces frequently. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask when you visit the dealership, do so. Ultimately, if you don’t feel comfortable visiting the dealership right away, it’s completely fine to wait a few more weeks (or months) to obtain the repair.

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