2023 Tesla Model 3 Persistent Braking System Error

If you own or lease a 2023 Tesla Model 3, you should know that several Tesla customers have lodged complaints about persistent braking system issues in this make and model. Reports of sudden vehicle acceleration and phantom braking continue to arise, even though the manufacturer has yet to formally acknowledge or address these concerns. So far, there is only one safety recall impacting this make and model that does not concern the braking system.

One driver of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 stated that their vehicle has experienced phantom braking on two distinct occasions. After taking the vehicle to the dealership, no cause or explanation was identified. Another owner described a harrowing incident in which they were pulling into a parking spot and applying the brakes when the vehicle shot forward and accelerated for no reason. For now, many customers continue to wait for clear explanations and permanent solutions.

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