2022 Toyota Highlander SUV Engine Issues

A number of concerns over the safety of the 2022 Toyota Highlander SUV has arisen in recent months from those who drive or lease this make and model. The majority of the complaints focus on recurring engine issues that jeopardize the overall safety of these vehicles. Several drivers have experienced concerning lunging sensations when the vehicle is in motion as well as significant lagging during acceleration (most often when traveling at freeway speeds). So far, the manufacturer has issued one safety recall, but it does not address these engine acceleration and lagging issues.

According to one driver of the 2022 Toyota Highlander SUV, their vehicle has experienced a complete engine reboot for no apparent reason (on three separate occasions). The engine immediately shuts off and restarts on its own, then lunges forward as if accelerating. Other drivers have described similar issues, as well as lagging issues when traveling on the highway. Suddenly, the engine stops accelerating and decreases in power, causing drivers to worry about the overall safety of these vehicles. For now, Toyota customers continue to wait for clear answers and lasting solutions to these persistent issues.

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