2022 Tesla Model Y 5-Seat SUV Braking and Collision Avoidance Malfunctions

People who lease or own a Tesla Model Y 5-Seat SUV should be aware of an uptick in consumer complaints regarding concerning misfiring or malfunctioning collision avoidance features. Tesla has issued eight safety recalls impacting these vehicles, but many customers continue to experience sudden deceleration for no good reason. It appears the car’s collision avoidance system often detects a potential hazard when no actual object is present. Customers are calling for lasting and effective solutions to these hazardous issues.

Several customers have reported harrowing experiences of their 2022 Tesla Model Y 5-Seat SUVs alerting them to a threat and stopping suddenly, even though no object is present. One driver detailed how their car was traveling at 84 miles per hour and suddenly decelerated to 40 miles per hour, nearly causing the vehicle behind them to rear-end them. Multiple reports of similar exerpeinces continue to flood in, as concered drivers remain hesitant to operate their vehicles because of these recurring issues.

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