2022 Tesla Model 3 Persistent Phantom Braking Issues

In recent months, numerous reports of persistent phantom braking issues have been reported by those who own or lease a 2022 Tesla Model 3. Many concerned customers are sharing harrowing experiences of severe phantom braking, and many of these events have nearly resulted in a collision. So far, the manufacturer has announced eight separate safety recalls affecting this make and model. However, many Tesla consumers have yet to receive lasting solutions to these persistent braking system malfunctions.

One owner of the Tesla Model 3 reported that they have experienced severe phantom braking, especially when the autopilot or cruise control functions are engaged. On multiple occasions, this severe deceleration has nearly caused an accident, as vehicles traveling behind this car have had to brake quickly to avoid rear-ending the driver. Many other reports of sudden and severe braking system activation for no apparent reason continue to arise, leaving many concerned customers without the solutions they need to resolve these issues for good.

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