2022 Nissan Frontier PU/EC Powertrain Malfunction

If you own or lease a 2022 Nissan Frontier PU/EC, you should know that several customer complaints have been reported in recent months regarding concerning powertrain issues. The manufacturer launched a safety recall addressing a powertrain malfunction, but many affected customers have yet to obtain the recommended repair from the dealership due to a lack of availability or have continued to experience powertrain issues even after their vehicle was serviced.

One owner of a 2022 Nissan Frontier PU/EC stated that their vehicle suddenly accelerated and crashed into a parked vehicle, even though their truck was fully in park mode. This issue occurred on several occasions, and the vehicle continues to surge forward even when the driver depressed the brakes. Other reports of struggling or malfunctioning powertrain systems have arisen, prompting the manufacturer to issue a safety recall. Unfortunately, many Nissan customers have been unable to access the replacement parts, as the manufacturer has not distributed these components to several dealerships. For now, affected consumers continue to wait for the permanent solutions they need.

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