2022 Kia Sorento SUV Recurring Braking System Issues

Over the past few months, reports of recurring braking system issues in the 2022 Kia Sorento SUV have arisen from concerned Kia customers. From brakes that fail to engage when necessary to braking pads and rotors that cause excessive vibration, these reports express concern over the safety of this make and model. Although the manufacturer has issued a safety recall so far, it does not address braking system issues.

According to the owner of a 2022 Kia Sorento SUV, their vehicle’s brakes failed to engage while driving on the highway, nearly causing an accident. So far, the dealership has been unable to diagnose the source of the issue, leaving the customer fearful about driving this car in the future. Other customers have reported brakes that begin to vibrate excessively at any speed. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has yet to respond to these complaints, leaving customers without the lasting solutions they need.

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