2022 Honda Ridgeline Engine Troubles

Those who own or lease a 2022 Honda Ridgeline should know that a slew of complaints from concerned customers have arisen in recent months, most of which pertain to persistent and worrisome engine issues. Reports of engines that lose power for no apparent reason or otherwise fail to respond to the throttle pedal continue to crop up from concerned drivers. So far, the manufacturer has yet to issue a safety recall affecting this make and model, leaving customers without clear and permanent fixes to these engine issues.

According to the owner of a 2022 Honda Ridgeline, the check engine light illuminated and started blinking while the vehicle was traveling along a highway. The engine showed signs of sputtering and it shut down, forcing the driver to steer to safety. Unfortunately, the dealer was unable to identify the issue. Another driver stated that their 2022 Honda Ridgeline’s engine suddenly lost all power while in motion, and the engine failed to respond to the throttle pedal application. Again, the dealer could not diagnose an issue, leaving the customer with more questions than answers.

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