2022 Ford Escape SUV Persistent Engine Defects

Consumers who own or lease a 2022 Ford Escape SUV will be interested in knowing that several customer complaints have arisen regarding engine issues in recent months. So far, the manufacturer has launched five separate safety recalls, with one pertaining to engine issues. However, several customers are reporting other types of engine and powertrain problems. Even after several trips to the dealership, many customers have been unsuccessful in obtaining a diagnosis, explanation, or solution.

The owner of a 2022 Ford Escape SUV stated that their vehicle’s engine started to emit a loud, abnormal popping noise while traveling at various speeds. Additionally, the engine would emit a strange humming sound when stopped or in reverse gear. The dealer was unable to identify any underlying problems. Other reports of engines that will randomly and repeatedly lag, stall, or emit other concerning noises have also arisen in recent months, with no lasting solutions in sight.

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