2022 Ford Edge SUV Power and Engine Defects

If you own or lease a 2022 Ford Edge SUV, you should be aware of numerous customer complaints that have arisen in recent months concerning various power and engine issues in vehicles of this make and model. Reports of engines suddenly losing power while in motion for no apparent risen have emerged, and many Ford customers state that they have yet to identify permanent fixes to these worrisome engine failures. So far, the manufacturer has issued only one formal safety recall campaign affecting 2022 Ford Edge SUV vehicles, but it concerns defective safety mirrors and fails to address engine problems. For now, affected Ford customers must wait for the automaker to acknowledge their concerns and provide lasting fixes to these safety issues.

One owner of a 2022 Ford Edge SUV stated that their vehicle lost all engine power while in motion and stalled out without any warning. Once the driver restated the vehicle, it seemed to function normally. However, this driver has experienced this same harrowing loss of engine power on three separate occasions, which has led them to feel anxious about driving the vehicle on various roadways. Several other drivers of the 2022 Ford Edge SUV have discussed similar experiences, with many of them expressing frustration over the automaker’s lack of clear explanations or permanent repairs for these safety threats.

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