2021 Tesla Model S Steering Defects

Tesla customers should know that a slew of complaints regarding steering issues in 2021 Tesla Model S vehicles have been reported in recent months. Reports of steering wheels that grind, are too clunky to maneuver, or fail to respond as intended continue to arise, with many Tesla customers expressing concern for their safety when driving these vehicles. So far, Tesla has not addressed steering concerns, although it has issued three separate safety recalls impacting this make and model.

The driver of a 2021 Tesla Model S reported that they have experienced repeated issues with a steering wheel that grinds, whirrs, and appears to struggle to maneuver the vehicle properly. Even after multiple trips to the dealer, the driver has not received clear answers about this persistent issue. Other drivers have expressed concern over how difficult the steering wheel is to turn and operate, stating that the vehicle often struggles to respond as intended. These drivers fear for their safety, claiming that the inability to steer properly puts them and others at greater risk of a crash or injury.

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