2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Engine Issues

Several Honda customers who own or lease a 2021 Honda Accord have complained about various engine issues. From engines that struggle to shift gears to engines that shut off completely while the vehicle is in motion, these engine problems continue to pose a threat to vehicle occupants and others on the road. While Honda has issued one safety recall impacting this make and model, it does not address engine problems. As a result, Honda customers continue to wait for lasting solutions to these persistent issues.

One owner of a 2021 Honda Accord shared the concerning experience of their engine losing power while driving on the freeway in the center lane. The driver was able to steer the vehicle to the shoulder of the road, but the driver narrowly avoided a collision due to this sudden engine failure. Other reports of lagging engines or engines shutting off while in motion continue to emerge from concerned Honda customers, but many of them have not obtained sufficient explanations for these recurring issues.

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