2021 Ford Explorer SUV Steering System Challenges

For those who own or lease a 2021 Ford Explorer SUV, it’s important to recognize that several complaints about steering system problems have been reported in recent months. Complaints about wheel wells that collect large and dangerous amounts of snow and ice and reports of unresponsive steering systems have arisen, but the manufacturer has yet to address these concerns directly.

One owner of the 2021 Ford Explorer SUV stated that the front tires experienced substantial damage from standard road driving, and the dealer thought this was caused by an alignment issue. However, the source of the issue was not identified, leaving the Ford customer without a clear path forward. Another driver found that the excessive buildup of snow and ice in the wheel wells contracts the tires and makes the steering system unresponsive. Additional reports of 2021 Ford Explorer SUVs being difficult to handle and steer continue to arise, with no concrete answers or solutions in sight.

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