2021-2022 Lincoln Aviator SUV Engine Defect

In recent months, a number of customer complaints have been lodged by those who drive a 2021-2022 Lincoln Aviator SUV. Many of these concerns pertain to concerning engine issues that have arisen on multiple occasions. Reports of engines that shut off or stall while the vehicle is in motion continue to pour in, with many consumers stating that they are hesitant to drive these vehicles until they obtain lasting solutions.

One owner of the 2022 Lincoln Aviator SUV reported that their brand new vehicle with only 3,000 miles on it experienced engine issues right away. The engine has shut off on more than one occasion, nearly causing an accident each time. Other customers have stated that their engines have lost power when they attempt to slow the vehicle, causing them to swerve to safety in the nick of time. For now, many Lincoln customers continue to wait for permanent solutions to these hazardous engine issues.

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