2020 Tesla Model Y SUV Braking Malfunctions

In recent months, several complaints from those who drive a 2020 Tesla Model Y SUV have cropped up, many of which detail a number of braking malfunctions. Overresponsive braking systems, brakes that fail to respond as intended, and other braking issues have been reported by concerned consumers across the country. Although the manufacturer has issued two recalls affecting this make and model, neither campaign directly addresses braking system issues.

One driver of the 2020 Tesla Model Y SUV explained that there have been several instances of traveling on the freeway at a speed of 65 miles per hour when the vehicle suddenly slams on the brakes while in autopilot mode. Even though this driver reported the issue with Tesla, they have yet to receive a response. Another driver shared an experience of turning into a parking lot and experiencing sudden acceleration. When the driver tried to apply the brakes, the vehicle did not respond and ended up crashing into a curb. Other reports of brakes that either engage randomly or fail to respond when engaged continue to emerge, despite no formal reaction from the manufacturer.

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