2020 Tesla Model 3 Braking System Malfunctions

Those who own or lease a 2020 Tesla Model 3 should know that a range of consumer complaints regarding braking system issues have been reported in recent months. Reports of brakes that fail to respond when depressed, brakes that engage suddenly and aggressively, and brakes that lag have emerged from concerned Tesla customers. So far, only two safety recalls have been issued that affect this make and model, but neither addresses braking system failures.

One driver reported that their 2020 Tesla Model 3 suddenly braked while traveling at highway speed. The cruise control was engaged, but the vehicle braked hard for no reason. The driver reported that they were almost rear ended as a result. Another Tesla driver stated that they were slowing down to make a left turn when the vehicle lurched forward. When the driver engaged the brake pedal, the car continued to surge forward and it took a few seconds for the brakes to respond. Other reports of overly active or unresponsive braking systems continue to emerge without clear explanations or solutions. For now, Tesla consumers must wait for the answers and repairs they need to address these persistent braking issues.

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