2020 Ford Escape SUV Powertrain Defects

If you own or lease a 2020 Ford Escape SUV and you are experiencing powertrain or engine issues, you are not alone. Numerous reports of these vehicles suddenly losing power while in motion have emerged in recent months. Although the manufacturer just issued a recall about defective accumulators that may increase the risk of transmission fluid leakage and engine failure, many consumers are still waiting for permanent solutions to these persistent issues.

One 2020 Ford Escape SUV owner stated that their vehicle suddenly lost drive power while pulling out onto the street, forcing the driver to stop and activate their hazard lights. The vehicle failed to respond in any way for a full hour, after which it was able to restart and go to the dealership for inspection. Another driver detailed a frightening experience of driving their 2020 Ford Escape at freeway speed, when the RPM suddenly fell and caused the vehicle to decelerate quickly. The failure reoccurred several times, and the driver has yet to receive a clear diagnosis or effective solution.

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