2020-2021 Subaru Ascent Braking System Issues

If you drive a 2020-2021 Subaru Ascent, you should know that many customers have expressed concerns about persistent braking system issues. Reports of brakes that fail to engage as intended, shudder, emit loud noises, or cause excessive warping to the brake rotors have emerged in recent months. The manufacturer has only issued one safety recall affecting these vehicles, but it does not concern these common braking system issues.

According to one owner of a 2020 Subaru Ascent, the front rotors and brake pads are prone to excessive heating, causing the rotors to warp and produce a loud noise and pulsing sensation when the driver applies the brakes. Another driver stated that their 2021 Subaru Ascent began to make an abnormal grinding noise when the brakes were depressed, causing the car to vibrate and making steering difficult. Several customers took their vehicles to the dealership, where they found out the rotors had warped. So far, no clear explanations have been provided, leaving customers with uncertainty and persistent braking problems.

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