2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV Braking System Issues

For those who own or lease a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV, it’s important to know that a slew of customer complaints have been reported in recent months, most of which concern persistent braking system issues. From brakes that emit loud grinding noises to misfiring autonomous braking systems that threaten driver and passenger safety, customers want clear answers and lasting fixes to these recurring problems.

One driver of a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV reported that the autonomous braking system often engages without warning, even though there is no trigger. During one incident, the autonomous braking system engaged suddenly for no reason when the vehicle was traveling at highway speed. Fortunately, there were few cars on the road so no accident occurred. Other Volkswagen customers have lodged similar complaints of braking systems that misfire and respond at inappropriate or even dangerous times when the vehicle is in motion. Unfortunately, many customers are still waiting for permanent solutions to these issues.

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