2019 Kia Sorento Engine & Powertrain Issues

A wide array of engine and powertrain problems have recently emerged for those who own or lease a 2019 Kia Sorento. From engines that lurch or skip to transmission and acceleration problems, drivers are concerned for their safety. So far, Kia has not issued a single recall for this vehicle, so people are left to seek their own solutions. Unfortunately, mechanics and dealerships have not found many effective or lasting fixes for these persistent issues.

One driver noticed right away that their new 2019 Kia Sorento would lurch forward or skip when the accelerator pedal was engaged. Several times, this driver has gently pushed down on the accelerator and feared that the lurching vehicle would not stop, forcing them to immediately slam on the brakes to avoid disaster. Another consumer reported that the new 8 speed transmission would suddenly surge or hesitate very severely, and no solutions have been found to address the issue. Some owners have even reported that the dealership claims this is simply a common problem with all Kia vehicles.

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