2019 GMC Acadia SUV Powertrain Defects

Several consumer complaints have recently been lodged by those who own or lease a 2019 GMC Acadia SUV. It appears that a number of shifting malfunctions and failures have occurred to many consumers on multiple occasions, with no clear explanation or solution to these persistent problems. Currently, there have been no recalls that affect this make and model, so people are still waiting for the manufacturer to provide a lasting fix to these powertrain issues.

Many drivers of the 2019 Acadia SUV have complained that their attempts to turn the car off result in an error message that states “shift to park,” although the car is already in park mode. In order to clear this message, the driver has to do a complete ignition cycle to properly turn off the vehicle. For many people, this issue occurs randomly and repeatedly—as often as two times a week for some consumers. People are worried that this repeated action of starting and turning off the ignition could strain the starter and lead to further issues. The manufacturer has been notified of this issue, but has yet to issue a recall. Other consumers have shared their issues with the manual gear shifter controls, which do not always shift when the car is in low gear. For now, drivers are expressing their concerns with these powertrain issues in the hopes of eventually receiving a clear and effective solution.

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